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We are a team of talented personnel delivering the best customer service and value addition to our clients.

About Us

Our Mission is to provide the best customer service and value addition to our clients. Our approach is to be diverse from other tech firms and provide the greatest customer assistance in reducing their costs and enabling them to grow their business or organization efficiently and effectively.

Kodelytics is a software technology and solution provider that comprehensively handles the project needs of their client from concept to installation through support.

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Why Kodelytics ?

  • 01 Rich Pool of Engineers

    We have the necessary resources to turn any of your ideas into full-fledged products. We do not just provide quality outsourcing; we conduct business analysis, look at your request and come up with a custom software solution that perfectly aligns with your needs and goals.

  • Keeping an eye on industry trends is essential when it comes to software development.We always keep updated on the innovations and ensure everything we deliver to the world brings value to its users. Thus, by reaching out to us, you ensure you get a software solution that meets the market demand.

  • We believe there are no useless details. Odds and ends matter as they make your software solution perfect. Therefore, we always strive to build clear communication between a team and a client to ensure we are on the same page and work toward reaching your business goals.



All participants in our ecosystem – consumers, third-party service providers and others – have an opportunity to prosper. Our success and rapid growth is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Technology Infrastructure

Helping customers transition from Manual to E-Commerce / IT Solutions.

Web Development

We develop custom web applications that fit any screen size. No matter what challenges your business faces, we solve them with end-to-end web app development.

Artificial Intelligence

With a bunch of successful cases under our belt, we know how to convert your data into valuable insights. We provide machine learning and AI solutions for Computer Vision, Data Science and Natural Language Processing.

Customer Support

We deliver relentless consumer empowerment and experience interactions through API and integration enabled human task services.

Quality Assurance

No matter how good the developers are, mistakes are inevitable. Our QA team makes sure that no bugs make it through to app release.

Product Design

Product design is not just about how it looks. We offer full-cycle product design, including business analysis, UI/UX design, product architecture, and more.

SaaS Development

Software as a service app development requires a specific approach. Our team knows how to build services that hook thousands of customers.

Mobile App Development

We create unique mobile experiences for all platforms. Native or cross-platform app development – we always have a reasonable solution to offer.

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We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and softwarew solutions to help merchants, brands, retailers and other businesses or organizations to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way. Feel free to contact us.


Complexity begets complexity, and simplicity breeds simplicity. Aliren are straightforward – what you see is what you get. With trust, there is no second-guessing or suspicion, and the result is simplicity and efficiency. Our clients are more than our customers: They're our friends, our community, and the reason we love what we do. We're honored to work with a number of large regional and national brands that consider Kodelytics a trusted and essential creative partner.


We’re very proud of the team we’ve built, KODELYTICS has always been an agency defined by bringing together talented people with a shared vision and passion for helping us to be the best we can be for our clients. But that doesn’t mean KODELYTICS is a cookie-cutter agency. All of our employees are unique individuals who are united by a set of core values that apply to everything we do within the agency.

Atif Hassan


Chief Executive Officer

Saad Wazir

Lead Software Engineer

MSCS in IIS and CV from NUST Pakistan.

Yousif Naseer

Full Stack Web Developer

BSCS, PHP Programmer.


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